Attack of The B-Team Server Lag Friday 17th March 2017 00:01:00

We are aware of the pre-dominant lag thats being experienced today in our AOTB Server. We are running some backend operations which is causing a high load on the server (and hence lag). This is not a player/server issue, they report perfectly stable.

Ways you could be experiencing this lag: Chat Lag,Block Delay, Mod Damage & Movement Delay

We are monitoring the situation and the servers will return to normal once the operation has been completed.


Testing of RSS System

Please report any issues to #support channel. Thank you all for your cooperation.

The issue was fixed. Lag should be much less a problem.

AOTB is persisting due to a backend bottleneck. We are looking into fixing it. The status of this incident will be updated when resolved.


A backup on AOTB is in process. Lag may be experienced during this session.